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Hi everyone! I’m ever so glad that today is Friday:o) I hope all of you girls had a great week! Mine was just a bit on the crazy side…what they tell you about all the professors scheduling exams in the same week is true, just so you know. But we shall not speak of exams for they are not cool. I can’t believe it– I am already a third of the way through the semester! It’s crazy how time flies. I love it here so much that I already feel like it’s going too fast. I like to be ridiculous and panic that my senior year will come too fast even though I’m not even through the first semester of freshmen year…lol:)

I’m planning a photo-shoot soonish for my Etsy shop and have been finding lots of inspiring pictures on Pinterest. I’m not really sure yet what I will incorporate, but we shall see:)

elegant black ribbon and green fir branch wrapping - fabulous colour combination
Natural and elegant packaging.
Pride and Prejudice
from Bright Star
I love all of the outside furniture and the pretty trees in this photo from Bright Star.
old letters...
Old letters.

books & satin
Old book with satin ribbon. A really cool contrast of textures.
pride and prejudice
Isn’t this a cool composition?

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