Making Macarons

I decided to try my hand at making macarons, and thought I would share my results with you all! I tried out two varieties, and found the recipes here on Byron Talbott’s website. The two I tried are rosewater and salted caramel. Both were quite tasty, and I felt like I was back at Laduree in Paris.


rose macaron

As a side note, rosewater is the most heavenly smelling concoction in the world!

rose water macaron

salted caramel macaron

caramel macaron

Have any of you ever made macarons?

2 thoughts on “Making Macarons

  1. So gorgeous! I made some for the first time right before the new year. I made the basic almond cookie and then did a lemon curd filling and blackberry jam in the other half. It was so tasty and I was pleased that they turned out reasonably well! 🙂 These look so lovely! Great job! I may need to make more now! haha

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