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favorite fashion blogsI love a good fashion blog. Looking to other bloggers for style inspiration makes fashion feel much more accessible than it does in magazines, and I love the diversity displayed across this immense platform. Fashion blogs were some of the first that I read as a teenager, and my love for them has never wavered. Today I thought I share a few that I’m finding extra inspiring at the moment. I’m loving that 60s inspired English style right now, and these bloggers definitely embrace that look.

What Olivia Did

Olivia’s popular blog is actually quite new to me, but was an instant favorite. She is a 22 year old Londoner with the cutest personal style, and her blog is down-right beautiful. I love her photography as well as the fact that her blog contains other things besides outfit posts. Her monthly playlists are especially fun. If you like high-waisted jeans and the occasional fabulous dress, her style will speak to you.

The post you should read: The Gingham Midi

Tea Toast and Fashion

I’ve been reading Livvy’s darling blog for a couple of years now and am always happy to see a new post in my Bloglovin’ feed. She is a 23-year-old English girl with a super cool look and a wonderful online presence. I love that her blog contains amazing photography of her beautiful surroundings as well as her adorable outfits. I basically want to copy every outfit she posts. 🙂

The post you should read: Columbia Road

Wish Wish Wish

Carrie’s incredible blog is a long time favorite of mine, and if I’m feeling  that I’m in a creative or style rut, it’s one of the first places I go. Her photos are incredible, her style is so very on point, and her writing makes you feel like your chatting with an old friend. Her outfits are unmistakably feminine, and I always leave her blog with a new idea on how to style something. She also makes me want to wear hats all the time.

The post you should read: Mrs Santana da Silva (Talk about wedding dress goals!)

What are some of your favorite fashion blogs? I’d love to hear!


6 thoughts on “My Current Favorite Fashion Blogs

  1. I get the distinct impression that being a fashionista would be a whole lot more glorious if you 1. lived in London and 2. had access to a Primark store! These were great new links for me, thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha, so very true Lexi! As I was compiling this list, I couldn’t help but giggle at myself for pretty much only reading fashion blogs written by Londoners. I hope your week is going well– thanks for brightening up my day with your comment!

  2. I love this, Lauren! I’ve been enjoying Olivia’s videos the past few months but didn’t even think to check out her blog. Silly me. 😛 But really, I’m always looking for new inspiration and new friends. Thanks! 🙂

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