My day in pictures.

{Sewing. Working on new things for the shop!}

{Going to Joann randomly and coming home with all of this. I’m so bad, but the yarn was on clearance! How am I supposed to resist?!}

{Taking pictures of the lovely flowers from my graduation party this last weekend.}

{Putting together a quick photo shoot for my sister’s Etsy shop. Aren’t her blankets darling?}

 Oh, and by the way, all these photos were taken on my fancy new I-pad! Pictures of that coming soon:-) Also check out the social media links in the side bar. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, like me on Facebook, or anything else!

4 thoughts on “My day in pictures.

  1. Ooh, the flowers are lovely! As are the blankets!
    Aren’t iPads fun?(: i have the first gen, so I don’t have a camera, but I while away far too much time with my various apps, and I love being able to use it for editing all my photos! Let me know if you need any app suggestions!


    1. Thanks Vicki! I am loving my iPad! The camera seems to take pretty good photos, which is nice for when I don’t feel like toting around my big dslr. I would love to here what apps you like! I could certainly use some suggestions:)

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