My Dorm Room and Weekly Pins {8}

Hello lovelies! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did. It’s so nice to have some chill time after a long week. I finally got around to getting some pictures of my room for you guys! It’s not exactly beautiful, but I’m working on adding some cute vintagey touches to it. I’m really missing having access to a DSR camera right now. I took these on my Ipad in the absence of my my dad’s dear Canon Rebel XT. Sniff.

{This is basically my half of the room:)}

{Where I normally blog. Where I’m sitting right now. The quilt on my bed is super old. It was on my bed years ago, when I was about three, and I thought it would be more homey than something new:)}

{My tea stash! I’ve already been called “the girl who likes tea”. I’ve got a hot pot of English Breakfast right now. Mmm.}

{This is our hallway which my RA decorated with cute flowers, bunting, and Christmas lights:)}

{One thing I’ve noticed here is that Vera Bradley is a big deal. Don’t ask me why but I’m pretty sure every single girl here has a Vera Bradley wallet. These were graduation gifts, I promise. I’m not trying to be trendy;-)}
Now I will leave you with my favorites from Pinterest for the week. Enjoy:)
Great knitting pattern!
{I got this great knitting pattern from this Etsy shop and can’t wait to knit some for my shop! Pinned here.}
Does anyone really NEED a ring by spring?
{This is SO true! Pinned here.}
Penelope inspired engagement shoot. I think I might die.
{Adorable Penelope inspired photo shoot! Pinned here.}
Doctor Who Themed Timelord and Companion altered vintage Teacup-- NEED!!!
{Doctor Who inspired tea cups from this Etsy shop. Pinned here}
Serious shoe love right here.
{It is taking so much self control to keep myself from ordering these here and now. How cute can a pair of shoes possibly be? Pinned here.}

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