My Favorite Sewing Books & Resources

I get my sewing inspiration from a lot of places, but two of my favorites are books and blogs. Today I’m talking about my favorites in each category!



1. The Colette Sewing Handbook, by Sarai Mitnick

I mention this book first because it’s my favorite. Although I grew up knowing how to sew, this book helped me to better understand many basic techniques, and also helped me feel confident and capable sewing clothing for myself. Whether you are a beginning or seasoned sewer, this book is an excellent resource to have. One added bonus is that it includes five gorgeous patterns from Colette Patterns, my favorite pattern company.

2. Couture Sewing Techniques, By Claire B. Shaeffer

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of sewing to more advanced techniques, this book is a fantastic place to begin. I’ve learned so much about fitting and tailoring, as well seam finishes and button holes from this book. It also features examples of couture garments which display the different techniques presented.

3. High-Fashion Sewing Secrets from the World’s Best Designers, by Claire B. Shaeffer

While this book contains a lot of the same information as Couture Sewing Techniques, it also has a chapter on elements of design which I have found helpful. The different techniques shown in this book are clearly diagrammed and easy to follow, making it a great back up to Couture Sewing Techniques.


My absolute favorite sewing blog shouldn’t be too hard to guess…if you guessed the Coletterie, than you are right! This blog by the ladies at Colette Patterns contains a wealth of information about sewing as well as sew-alongs, vintage inspiration, and different projects. It really is a must read for sewers!

A couple of other favorites include the Megan Nielsen Design Diary and Tilly and the Buttons– both full of inspiring posts!

Do you sew? What are your favorite books/blogs?


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