My first vintage dress!

For a while now, I have been lurking Etsy searching for a dress from the 1920s. I enjoyed looking through the listing for a long time, but most of the dresses were so expensive that I would never have been able to afford them.

One day, however, I found a beautiful coral silk dress that had a few condition issues. The shoulders were a bit torn up and there were some small holes in the dress, but it was a fantastic price! I thought, “hey, I can sew…why not see if I can fix it up?” So I ordered it!

It came in last week, and let me tell you, it is beautiful! In spite of it’s flaws, I love it. It’s amazing to own a dress that is nearly one hundred years old! As a seamstress, I have really enjoyed observing how it was made. The skirt is made up of a series of little panels, and it has an uneven handkerchief hemline. The hem was stitched by hand!

 I took some pictures of it for you ladies yesterday. I have this old trunk in my room here, so I got out all of my old fashioned looking accessories and tried to imagine what it would look like if a lady in the 20s was getting ready for an evening party:-) Those of you who watch Downton Abbey will be seeing dresses a lot like this next season!

 Here are some specifics for those who are interested. The dress is made of silk satin. It is very lightweight and drapes beautifully. Most of it is machine sewn, and there is no label meaning it was probably handmade. The neckline and armholes are banded, and there is a fabric flower detail at the shoulder. This dress was likely made in the early to mid 1920s.

I’m going to try to get some better pictures sometime soon…I just couldn’t wait to show it to you all!:)

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