My Girl Boss Playlist

girl boss playlist

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m one of those crazy girls who wants to work for herself. During my first two or three years of blogging, I actually had no idea people could blog for a living, and during college I didn’t have the mental space to pursue blogging seriously. I have such a passion for creating content, blog design, photography, and of course interacting with you guys, and eventually, my dream is for this to be my job. Right now that is definitely not the case, but it’s a goal I’m working towards.

ingrid michaelson record

Because blogging and other creative “jobs” are not that well known among my circle of friends and family, it’s easy to get discouraged from my goal and think about just being practical and pursuing a standard career, but the truth is I want to pursue my creative passions more than anything. This discouragement happens to so many of us– the artists, the musicians, those who dream of doing something different. People like to compartmentalize other people, and when we don’t fit in their boxes, they assume what we’re doing won’t work.

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Music always helps inspire and encourage me to work harder at blogging and blog related tasks. Some songs are just like having your own personal encourager and cheerleader, and they are so motivating! Today I’m sharing some of my current favorite songs to listen to while working on my blog– I call it my Girl Boss playlist because that’s what it makes me feel like. 😀

Ingrid Michaelson Lights Out Vinyl

-Girl Boss Playlist-

Zee Avi — 31 Days

Rachel Platten — Fight Song

Ingrid Michaelson — Afterlife

A Fine Frenzy — Now is the Start

Sara Barielles — Brave

Yuna — Live Your Life

I know a lot of you guys are fellow bloggers. Do you hope to make your blog a business someday? How do you deal with discouragement along the way? I’d love to hear about your journey!

6 thoughts on “My Girl Boss Playlist

  1. Fight Song and Brave are definitely my “Girl Boss” songs….I just love how encouraging they are! I totally get the whole thing with wanting to work for yourself, but not having people around you that understand that. Being a blogger definitely gives you a more visionary mindset and helps you see there is so much you can do that you LOVE and work for yourself. Definitely is a dream of mine!
    LOVE these pictures by the way.

    1. Agreed Madison! Sometimes it’s so nice to find an encouraging and empowering song that’s not romantic! 😀 And also major YES to the whole visionary mindset thing! I feel like I see the world in possibilities so much more as a blogger. I hope both of our blogging dreams come true in the future– hard work pays off!
      And thanks for the picture love! 😀

  2. I love the Fight Song! A very empowering song. I use music to work too. It is totally a motivator that gets me thinking and working! If I am writing, whether that be for my blog or for my stories/books, I usually choose soundtracks or instrumentals Because I am also a singer, if I listen to music with words, I tend to sing instead of work! LOL! I really like Lindsey Stirling for that because her songs are very upbeat, but also instrumental.
    I understand the feeling of people not understanding your choices for work. I get that a lot from people who don’t understand why I am not going to college, or why I don’t have what they consider a “real job”. I encourage myself by telling myself that God holds my future and that I am where He wants me. He has so graciously provided for all of my needs without having to leave the home to get a job or go to college. What others consider as “weird”, I trust is God’s plan. And His opinion is what matters, not others. Sorry if I waxed eloquent here! This subject is a passion of mine! Keep doing what you love girl! God has a plan!
    Also, I would love if blogging became a business for me someday! Right now, I am choosing to work on content and make it helpful and unique for others.
    Blessings to you!
    By God’s Grace,

    1. I feel like I can really relate to your situation Victoria! I didn’t personally choose not to go to college, but some of my dearest friends chose not to, and chose to stay home with their families! My older sister did for a few years as well! I’ve seen firsthand how discouraging people can be about that choice, and it’s honestly ridiculous. God leads us all in different life paths, and why would someone want to discourage you from what he’s laid on your heart?! Keep doing what you’re doing and following him!
      And no worries about waxing eloquent: you’re talking to the girl who minored in Christian Studies in college, and could talk about God’s direction all day long. 😉
      I also love soundtracks/instrumentals! Some of my favorite soundtracks are the recent Cinderella movie, Lord of the Rings, Jane Eyre, Emma (Samuel Sim,) Pride and Prejudice (any version,) Titanic, The Theory of Everything, and Finding Neverland. I also love Lindsey Stirling! She kept me practicing violin in high school! 😀 Anyway, I could also talk about music all day long! We’re talking two of my greatest passions in one comment section, and also my college major and minor! Hehe, I’ll be quiet now!
      Have a wonderful day Victoria!

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