My Magazine

I love magazines. There is something inspiring about an actual printed publication. I love the feel of the glossy pages. I love that I can stare at the photographs without my eyes hurting from the glare of a computer screen.

{Mug: Cath Kidston; Tea: Irish Breakfast}

When I was a little girl my mom received and collected a magazine called Victoria. I remember being mesmerized by the beautiful images on it’s pages each time it arrived. When I was in high school my mother gave me her collection of issues of Victoria. Each time I had an evening to myself, i would brew a cup of tea, select a favorite issue, and find a quiet corner to enjoy it in.
To this day I continue this ritual and it soothes my often tired soul. The magazines are so familiar that they are like dear old friends to me. The last time I sat down and turned through the wrinkled pages of an old Victoria, i began to muse about my blog. Surely my blog is a magazine curated by me, full of the things I love. Here I share beauty, products, fashions, book reviews, essays, and tidbits about my life.
My blog is my magazine. I have evolved from just reading one to creating one for myself. Somehow I think I was being inspired by those pages all these years. Perhaps this blog will inspire someone else. And that is why we write, isn’t it?

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