My Winter Capsule Wardrobe


Hi friends! Today I’m sharing my winter capsule wardrobe. I’ve already been wearing it for a few weeks, and love it so far!

Over the past year, I’ve found myself drawn to clean and simple styles of dressing. The concept of a capsule wardrobe appealed to me because it makes dressing organized and simple, and helps cut out the question of what to wear. If you are unfamiliar with what capsule wardrobes are, basically they are a set number of pieces of clothing that you wear for a given season. The idea is to incorporate pieces that are versatile, and work together in a lot of combinations. Some people opt not to shop at all while wearing a capsule, and some opt for new pieces every season. Personally, I started with pieces I already had, but haven’t limited myself to 100% zero shopping, because let’s be real, if I’m thrifting and i find something awesome, I’ll probably buy it. 😉

A lot of the pieces pictured here are exactly the items in my wardrobe, but some are similar styles because mine are old and are notated as such bellow. I ended up with a 25 piece capsule, which I think is pretty awesome, and I’m excited to continue this learning experience.

In my wardrobe:


BR cocoon coat (found on clearance for $30, but back to full price online- check your local store!) swing trench (similar,) olive anorak (similar,) red rain jacket (similar.)

Sweaters & Tops:

Cream Cabled sweater (similar,) wine sweater (mine; similar,) ivory cabled sweater, patterned chambray (similar,) Madewell v-necks (my favorite!,) black tee (similar,) striped tee (similar,) light-wash chambray (similar.)

Trousers & Skirts:

High-waisted jeans, black midi skirt (similar.)

Shoes & Accessories:

Brown Cambridge satchel, suede clutch (similar,) pouch wallet, crossbody bag, wool hat, pointed-toe loafers (similar,) suede oxfords, ballet flats, oxford boots (similar.)

Have any of you tried a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to hear about your experience!

4 thoughts on “My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

    1. Hey Mekency!! A capsule is basically just a set number of items of clothing that your wear for a certain amount of time, usually around three months. So to make one, you pick the number of items you want to wear, and go through your wardrobe to select what you want to include. Sometimes people shop for items also. After you have your items chosen, pack away anything else, and only wear those items for the chosen time period! The end goal is to learn to be more creative with fewer items!
      The blog has some great resources too! Hope this helps!

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