Nail Polish Declutter

IMG_4719You guys, my nail polish collection has gotten a little out of hand. I recently counted up the bottles and found that I had a grand total of 38 polishes, and for me that is just way too many, and there is no way that I will ever use them all. Since I’m currently in full on spring-cleaning mode, I decided it was high time to declutter my collection- a lot of these polishes are pretty old and not even usable, meaning they just take up extra space in my life that I could be freeing up!


I started by getting rid of any polishes that were just not good any more which ended up being 8 bottles. Then I looked for colors that I barely wore or hadn’t worn in a very long time. In total, I was able to get rid of 17 bottles of nail polish! I’ll be passing the good ones on to friends and family so hopefully they can be used again. I’ve learned that I don’t wear my blue colors nearly as much as I used to! It’s funny how my taste changes over time! My collection is now down to 21 polishes, and for me that is a number that I’m happy with. 🙂

The rejects: IMG_4720

The keepers:


I hope this post inspired you to do a little organizing or decluttering!

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