October Moments

I’ve been having some fun posting things on Instagram lately. October has been chock-full of the hustle and bustle that midterm brings to students everywhere. In spite of an exegetical, research paper, and midterm exams, I have still managed to find time for some of the glorious moments of life in the past few weeks. I’ve been able to relish in some picturesque rain filled days with the accompaniment of socks, sweaters, and far too many cups of tea. Hot chocolate has also made several appearances in my mug lately. (shhhh.) As far as creative projects go, I’ve knitted on a color work cowl, and even done a bit of crocheting. Call the Midwife is the perfect accompaniment to knitting projects.

This past weekend I even managed to sneak off and explore a little! Brynna came down and we packed up all the accoutrements one needs for tea before heading out into the great outdoors to savor it. We found randomly placed stairs, and a tree full of initials that inspired me a little. Also, she gave me Anna Bond’s edition of Little Women. I died a little of happiness. Displaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpegToday involved my wonderful church, youtube, yarn, studying, chilli-making, a sweet puppy, and home group. Amen.

How has the month treated you so far? Let me know!

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