People! It is actually Fall! I am so excited:) I am wearing a great big sweater and drinking coffee, and am still chilly. I keep expecting to wake up one day and it be over a hundred degrees, but no. That doesn’t happen in places with normal weather. I absolutely love living where you can actually enjoy the weather. I’ve been knitting a lot lately. It’s the perfect cool weather activity. I’m working on a bunch of cabled fingerless gloves for the shop, so hopefully those will be up soon. I’m working with a bunch of pretty Autumn colors. Theory class was canceled this morning, which is why I am sitting in Starbucks/the student center writing this. It’s somewhat wonderful to have a free hour and find out you didn’t really have to stay up till midnight to finish that homework. I finally have my camera back, so hopefully I will get back to some picture taking soon. There are certainly a lot of lovely things that are picture worthy. Well, Wellness class is starting soon, so I shall leave you with a link to my Fall Pinterest board. Enjoy:)

4 thoughts on “October!

  1. You think our state has normal weather? Just because it’s not the desert doesn’t mean we actually get all four seasons! haha! But I am enjoying this fall weather, too!

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