Outfit: Meet the Teacher

thred up outfitWell hello there friends! My, it’s been a while! I decided to give myself a break from blogging as I’ve started my new job at the school, and wanted to spend my energy focusing on how I would balance both blogging and teaching. I’ve been working on scheduling my time, and I hope to be able to keep up with regular posting.

Anyway, on to the outfit! Now that I work at a school, I’ve found dressing from my summer capsule to be a bit challenging, and I’ll definitely be incorporating some more outfit options that don’t involve jeans into my autumn wardrobe (more on that soon!) For today’s outfit I decided to keep it simple with my comfy black trousers and pink lace top. The combination of pink and black always reminds me of my ballet lessons as a kid, so of course I picked out some ballet flats for this look. I recently got some little black suede lace up flats from Target, and I feel like a real blogger now. 😉 They are so fun to wear, and I always find myself wanting to dance when I do wear them. I carry my vintage Coach bag pretty much every day at this point, so of course I had it with me today as well as my trusty Anthropologie sunglasses. I love the combination of a deeper lipstick with pink outfits, so today I swiped on a bit of Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I love how the look came together, and how it looks with the late summer Crepe Myrtles.

IMG_4357ethical fashion blog vintage pink outfit IMG_4361 ethical style blog vintage coach regina handbag IMG_4433IMG_4440IMG_4417

Outfit details:

Top: ThredUp

Trousers: Ruche

Necklace: Madewell

Bag: Vintage Coach // Dear Golden Vintage (same bag available right now in chocolate brown!)

Shoes: Target

Sunglasses: Anthropologie

It’s kind of funny to jump strait from being a student to being a teacher, and it’s interesting to watch how school works from this side of things. I’m so excited to be teaching what I love.

Posts in the works:

My favorite green smoothie recipe

A look back at my summer capsule

Planning for my fall capsule

…and many more!

Thank you so much for reading today! How have you all been? I’ve missed you!




5 thoughts on “Outfit: Meet the Teacher

  1. These colors are just so perfect together! Light pink, dark purple, and black are three colors I wouldn’t usually match up, but their rich harmony together is so attractive! I love it! Since seeing you and Madison sporting vintage coach bags, I am determined to invest in one for myself soon! They are so timeless and chic! <3


    1. Thank you so much Charlotte! Blush pink and burgundy make up one of my favorite color combinations– more on that this fall!
      I highly recommend the vintage Coach bags! I’m in love with mine, and I’ve used it nearly every day since I purchased it!
      Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a lovely day!

  2. Congratulations on the job! I can definitely see how it would be strange to go from student to teacher so quickly.
    I love your leave top! I don’t usually wear a lot of pink, but that shade is perfect.

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