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Madewell Ikat DressEthical Style BlogOne of the perks of getting into ethical fashion is the fun of hunting for second-hand clothing. I’ve started using some great online resources such as Poshmark and Thredup, and these are a great way to hunt for things I’ve seen in stores in the past. This dress is an example of that. I saw it at Madewell last year and fell in love with the dreamy lightweight silk, the pretty print, and the pockets. I recently found it on Poshmark for less than half of the original price, and I can’t stop wearing it! The silk material means that it is the perfect thing to throw on during these hot and sticky months. For today’s look I paired it with a brown belt and sandals. I know black and brown together is supposed to be a no-no, but since the spots on the dress are beige, I feel like it works. I topped the look off with my favorite (e.g. only) hat, and I love the 1970s vibe it gives the look.

Silk Maxi Dress

70s style outfit Ethical Fashion Blog Madewell DressStyling a hat

Madewell Style

Madewell Ikat Maxi Dress Maxi dress: Madewell via Poshmark

Belt: Target, old

Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters, last year

Hat: Charming Charlie

Do you have a favorite summer dress? What makes perfect hot weather wear to you? I’d love to hear!

12 thoughts on “Outfit: The Perfect Summer Dress

  1. LAUREN. Not only is the dress lovely, but these photos are truly dreamy. Kudos to you, sweet friend! When the hot weather comes around I’m all about the loose pants & airy dresses. ^.^

  2. Okay, this dress is perfection on you! It encompasses your style so perfectly and I have to say that black and brown sooooo do go together (I pair them together all the time). I really can’t say enough about this dress and the fact that you got a great deal on it is even better 🙂 Usually i wear a lot of sundresses made out of sheets but recently I have been wearing a number of cotton tanktops with some new midi skirts I made.

  3. This dress is amazing! I’m currently on the hunt for a dress in this style. I hadn’t heard of Poshmark before – I’m heading over to check them out now!

  4. So cute, I love this dress on you! & the whole outfit. 🙂 How awesome that you found it! Hmm summer and I are not particularly good friends. I’m always hot, and I burn SO easily, even with sunscreen… so it’s pretty tough to have a perfect summer outfit! : / I do like a breezy dress though! XO – Alexandra

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