Palette Challenge 2012 Moodboard

I have really been trying to work on making myself clothes. I sew plenty of doll sized things, but not very much for myself. So when I read about Colette Pattern’s palette challenge, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some projects done.

Today, I will be sharing my moodboard and color scheme. Later I will share what patterns I plan on using, and what projects I will be working on.

I choose some pretty pastel colors. I have a bad habit of wearing a lot of neutrals, so I’m going to work on some more colorful pieces for my wardrobe.

So as you can see, I chose a coral tone, mint green, pale yellow, and cream. I think they are all such pretty colors! I am really looking forward to working on my projects! What colors are you guys excited about this season? Oh, and I’ve been playing around with the blog design. What do you think of it?

Photo sources: I found most of these on Pinterest. The only one I own is the photo of the coral roses. Also, the yellow dress, coral dress, and cream and mint blouse are all from Etsy. Click on the links to visit the lovely shops!

6 thoughts on “Palette Challenge 2012 Moodboard

  1. I absolutely love your blog’s new look. I also love your heading. Audrey is still my ultimate favorite actress. Great color palette and graphic to get you inspire to change your wardrobe. I hope we’ll get to see some of your new pieces. Happy Sunday 🙂

  2. Stephanie,
    Thank you! I had some fun designing all of this:-) I will be emailing you when I get a chance:)

    Thank you! I love Audrey too. I will certainly be sharing what I make:-)

    Thanks for commenting ladies!

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