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Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Elegance of Fashion is currently hosting Period Drama Fashion week! I thought I would join in by filling out the tag, and writing some posts related to costume design and historical fashion! Sound fun? I hope so:-)

 1. Which costume in all the period dramas you’ve seen is your favorite (list up to three)? Hmm…this is a difficult decision! I’m not really sure if these are my absolute favorites, but I do love these three!

Christine Daae’s masquerade gown from The Phantom of the Opera. I love the color, the flower detailing, and the lace accents. It is lovely!

 Fanny Brawne’s Christmas gown from Bright Star. The internet seems to be greatly lacking in pictures of this gown, but here is the best one I could find. I love this dress for it’s uniqueness. If you have seen Bright Star, you know that Fanny makes all of her own clothing and tries to make it different from what is normal. I love the sheer sleeves, the velvet weskit and the satin ribbon. It is a beautiful mixture of textures. Also I love the deep shades of brown and red- highly unusual for the Regency period.
Queen Victoria’s floral day dress from The Young Victoria. I love the color scheme and the sweet simplicity of this dress. Also, the little details of pleating and contrasting piping on the sleeves have always stood out to me.

2. Which period drama costume vexes you the most (list up to three)? Probably this evening gown of Molly Gibson’s from Wives and Daughters. I think it is just to extreme for her. It doesn’t suit her personality to me.

3. Which period drama hat or bonnet do you like the best? I love both Sophie and Mary’s bonnets in Cranford.
4. What costume would you wear today if we could wear period drama fashions in this day and age? This ensemble of Fanny Brawne’s. It looks pretty, but not to restricting. Though I would probably raise the neckline a little bit:-)
5. Do you notice historical inaccuracies in the period dramas you watch or do you just ignore them for the most part? Yes I do. I’ve studied quite a bit on historical fashion, so inaccuracies will bother me a bit.  For example, in Pride and Prejudice (the version with Greer Garson, which I grew up on and love,) they reused costumes from Gone with the Wind in order to save money, but still talk about a waltz being ‘modern’. Thankfully, most of the movie makers keep accuracy a priority.
6. Pick a period drama character. If you were designing their costumes for a new adaptation (or a new episode), how would you go about designing their costumes? Jane Eyre. I would start by researching. I would find paintings of English governesses and middle to lower class women of the time. I would choose a dark color pallet and simple somewhat sad styles. 
7. What’s your favorite fashion era? Why? I love the Edwardian to 1920’s time period right now. I like the straighter more natural lines of the silhouette, but also the glamor of beading and beautiful fabrics. 
8. Which period drama has the best costuming? The not-so-great costuming? I could no sooner pick a favorite star in the heavens! But since you asked, I will got with The Young Victoria. It won the Oscar, after all! As for not so great, Probably the above mentioned Pride and Prejudice. Not because the costumes are ugly, but because they aren’t the proper silhouette.

    6 thoughts on “Period Drama Fashion Week Tag!

    1. LOVE the costumes from POTO! I was going to do this tag this week, but I may have to wait till next week. 🙂 Great choices…and Bright Star is far too underrated, IMO. 🙂 One of my top favorites…and I love Fanny’s dresses.

      1. Thanks Alexandra! I hope you do it. I would love to read your answers! I totally agree about Bright Star. It’s one of my top favorites as well, but not many people have seen it. It makes me feel like I’m watching some undiscovered treasure when I do watch it:-)

    2. I love this post! These pics are gorgeous…I love Christine’s dress in POTO. All of her costumes in that movie are delish. So is Gerard Butler…oh right, but that’s not part of this post :)) The inaccuracy of costuming in P&P with Garson has always irked me. Ugh…kind of a dreadful version in my opinion. Im sorry, I like old movies but this one, just didn’t cut it for me. I didn’t like Justine’s dress above either…reminds me of a cream puff pastry yummm… I want them to redo that movie with different actors…I liked the story but the leads didn’t go together in my opinion, but that is a completely other train of thought. I’m having a hard time staying on topic here. haha

      1. Hahaha!!!! Yes, Gerard Butler. I think he was my best friend’s first crush…lol:-) I sort of agree about P&P. I don’t like it as Pride and Prejudice at all…I just have a soft spot for it because I grew up with it:) Cream puff pastry: exactly what I think! Now I want a cream puff. I think it would be really cool to see a non-mini-series version of Wives and Daughters. Thanks for commenting…you make me smile:)

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