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Hi friends, and happy March! Can you believe it’s already March? I’m certainly glad that it’s here and that spring is on its way!

Over the past year I’ve been making an effort to be more organized, and specifically to use my planner more efficiently. I’m now that girl who is guilty of watching planning videos on YouTube for far longer than anyone really should. Today I thought I’d share some of the things I use with my planner to help me stay organized, and let’s face it, to keep my planner looking pretty. 😉

gold binder clips

rifle paper co planner     rifle paper co pencil

First of all, my planner is the 2016 17-Month Planner from Rifle Paper Co. in the blue toile edition (currently on sale!) I love this planner, and have a full review video of it here if you are interested in more details. I write in my planner with a Pigma Micron pen which is perfect for neat and clear writing in a small space like a calendar box. I also love to use my Rifle Paper Co. pencils for plans that are a little less certain and may need to be changed in the future.

To separate my planner into sections, I love these little gold and white binder clips I found at Target. The set comes with a variety of patterns, but I’m partial to the polka dot ones myself. And since my planner has some gold foil, I love using gold accessories with it. Along that same line, my gold bow paper clips are from Kate Spade (you can get them on Amazon,) and are just too cute. These are great for marking a specific place in the planner.

Finally, I wanted to include my weekly desk calendar, again from Rifle Paper Company. This thing is so great for those daily to-do lists, blog post ideas, and just anything that’s on my mind, but that I may not want to put in my planner. I make lists for the week every Sunday night, and add to them throughout the week.

Planning definitely helps give me a little more mental space, and I love that about it. I’m about as far from a natural planner as you can get, but cute accessories have certainly helped me want to do it more consistently.

Do you use a planner? Any tips to share? I’d love to hear!

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