Planning my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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Well friends, it’s Halloween, there’s finally a chill in the air that seems to be here to stay, and it’s time for me to switch over my wardrobe for autumn. Yesterday I made the last purchase for my fall closet, and I’m so excited to share this capsule wardrobe with you once that piece arrives. Over the summer I began to feel like I was in a strange place with my style, and wearing a hodge-podge of pieces that didn’t feel like me 100% of the time. With this in mind, I have approached the new season with a healthy dose of mindfulness and a ruthless wardrobe edit. Let’s chat about how I went about the process.


Before I got started on my fall wardrobe, I set aside some time to intentionally get inspired for the season ahead. I sorted through my Pinterest boards, and tried to discern what colors, shapes, prints, accessories, and entire outfits I would actually wear. For me this meant mentally setting aside pieces and outfits my ideal self would wear, but that my actual self would have no occasion for. As much as I may love an oversized winter coat layered with sweaters, a chunky scarf, and a hat, the weather where I live doesn’t really call for it. Shout out to Allison Anderson’s video on decluttering your fantasy self for helping me in this area!


Once I had finished collecting inspiration, I had learned a few things about what I wanted for my autumn wardrobe that made the editing process so much easier. One example of this was my decision to eliminate navy blue pieces from my fall wardrobe. I did not have many of them to start with, and since the majority of the neutral pieces in my fall wardrobe are black, they were not very versatile. The simple act of removing this color from my fall closet immediately made the entire wardrobe more cohesive. My closet edit this season focused on removing the excess, and going back to basic classic pieces. After I did this, my collection of neutral timeless garments helped me to see so many outfit possibilities, and to better determine what fun and trendy pieces would work well with this base.


My closet edit left me with a solid capsule of classic pieces that are versatile and mix and match easily, but if you know me, you know I love to have a bit of fun when it comes to my wardrobe. Floral prints and bright colors are some of my favorite things, and I always look for a way to incorporate them even in my minimal closet. This season I compiled a shopping list including a couple of basics I found I was missing as well as a few fun pieces to round out the wardrobe. For the basic pieces, I tried to shop second hand as I usually have success finding good classics at thrift stores and second hand websites. I found several great pieces second hand, and also bought a few from some slow fashion brands. Since I bought most of my basics second hand, I also bought a couple of fun and unique items that had caught my eye recently to inject a bit of personality into my closet.

Overall I’m so happy with how my fall wardrobe has come together, and it’s so nice to see that a little bit of time and attention at the beginning of the season can make dressing so much easier. I’ll be back with my fall wardrobe and a lot of fun outfits in the coming days, so be on the look out for that!


What are some of your favorite pieces in your fall wardrobe?
How do you go about planning it?
I’d love to hear!


3 thoughts on “Planning my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I can’t wait to see it! I think I stumbled a bit with my fall wardrobe in the realm of “fantasy self”. I did not include enough warm, comfortable, cozy pieces which makes me feel like I already need to switch to my winter capsule.

  2. Such a good way to plan your wardrobe! I moved house just before Autumn started, so I was in a good position to review each piece and decide whether it was good to keep, to store, or to donate.

    I think my next step is to truly curate my wardrobe – I’m good in terms of colour scheme, but it’s lacking some of the styles I love!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  3. I’m loving this editing down fo the classics and peppering in some personality and trendy stuff. We share a similar aesthetic: clean, vintage inspired, classic, neutral. I’m excited to see what you share, and I am interested in that taupe-y camel sweater and burgundy nail polish. So pretty!

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