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tea party flatlay

Prepare yourself for tea set photo overload! This set has a bit of a story. I first fell in love with Royal Albert’s Polka Rose pattern around five years ago. I had grown up loving their classic Old Country Roses china, and even had a mini tea service for my dolls in that pattern. When I discovered Polka Rose, it seemed like the perfect updated edition of an old favorite, and fit my personality perfectly. After stalking it on the internet for several years, I finally decided to order it as a graduation present to myself! 😉

Royal Albert Polka Rose tea cup

The set is the prettiest pale mint green speckled with white polka dots. I love the gold rims, and the sprinkling of pinky roses. I ordered the tea service and four tea cups and saucers off of Amazon which was a bit cheaper than other sites. Eventually I’d love to add plates and serving-ware to my collection. I think it’s the perfect vintage tea set, and I can’t wait to use it for tea parties!

Royal Albert New Country Roses polka dot cup and saucer mint green tea cup polka dot tea set Royal Albert vintage tea set Polka Rose tea set vintage tea party

To me nothing feels quite as elegant and grown-up as a lovely china tea set. I love noticing them in period films, and I’m thrilled to have one just as pretty as Anne of Green Gables or Emma Woodhouse. 🙂

Do you like vintage styled tea sets? What does your favorite look like? I’d love to hear!

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16 thoughts on “Polka Rose

  1. This is such a beautiful tea set. I love how the rose pattern is on the inside – it’s like a happy little surprise every time you take a sip. I wish I had a full tea set. Right now, I don’t have the space for one, but I love crushing on ones I see online or in thrift stores. I haven’t done much research so I don’t have a favorite. I can tell that this one definitely fits your style.

    1. That’s just what I was thinking Emily! I love seeing the roses inside the cups. It definitely took me a long time to make the decision to buy one, but I’m so happy I did. Now to make room for it among all my thrifted cups and saucers!
      I hope you are having a lovely summer so far!

  2. Oh, so pretty. I have wanted some Royal Albert china for a while. I might have to get this also. I love polka dots, I have a polka dot and striped cup and saucer set, and it is sooo cute.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I finally ordered some Royal Albert– it’s just so beautiful! That cup and saucer you described sounds adorable! I love anything striped or polka dotted!
      Thank you for commenting, and have a wonderful day!

  3. *swooning* Oh my goodness, this is SO adorable and lovely!!! I don’t have a tea set, but I absolutely love teacups and teapots, so I will have to get one someday!

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