Scenes from my travels: Germany

So I was thinking about my trip to Europe last year, and realized that was before I had a blog, so I thought I would post some pictures for you ladies country by country!

Germany wasn’t a country I was expecting a lot from. I had never heard anyone rave about how beautiful it was. But looking back, it was certainly one of my favorite places. We spent a lot of time in Bavaria visiting Neuschwanstein Castle. Bavaria was really like being in a fairytale. You start to see why our fairy tales came from this area. It is gorgeous.

 You have to hike up to the castle, which was amazing and fun. This is the view from before we started.
 Once you get up there the hike was totally worth it. Jaw dropping in it’s beauty much?!

Then you realize you are standing on an ancient rickety wooden bridge. So you take a picture of the scary drop. You can’t tell how high it is from this picture, but trust me…it’s high. 
I took these from the balcony of the castle. 

This view is my favorite from this location.
  This painted house was in a village called Oberammergau. All of the buildings in the village have scenes painted on them. This village has an interesting story. During the black plague, the people promised God that if their village was sparred, every ten years they would hold a passion play depicting the life of Christ. The village escaped the plague, and ever since 1634 they have held a passion play every ten years! The next one is in 2020.
 This is inside the local chapel. Amazing! It was a tiny village, but the church was so incredibly beautiful.

These last few are from a graveyard outside our hotel. It was very old and so beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Scenes from my travels: Germany

    1. Hi Ella! Yes, I would most certainly go back! It was amazing. There is so much history there. I would really like to spend some time in Ireland…sigh:-) I hope you have a great day as well!

  1. Germany is so underrated! When people think of Europe, they think of Paris and Rome, but Germany is equally stunning, in my humble opinion :’) Out of the places I’ve been to, it’s one of my favourites.

    That chapel was incredible – I love visiting really beautiful churches, especially in small villages where you least expect to find them! And the castle you visited is absolutely magnificent, I’d love to go there 😀 It makes me want to write stories about princesses and dragons… 😉


    1. I agree Abby! I certainly never thought much of it before I went, but now that I’m back, I think it had so much natural beauty compared to other places. Definitely one of my favorites!

      The chapels and churches in Europe are so beautiful! My mom is fond of saying that you will never see a pretty Baptist church, and I agree. In fact it’s hard to find a pretty church at all in the United States! The castle was so fun! I wish I could have taken pictures of the inside, but alas, it wasn’t allowed. You should write something about princesses and dragons! 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit that castle (the name of which I can never spell!)…it always looks like it came right out of a fairy tale! And that graveyard is beautiful! I love looking at old headstones and imagining how the person might have lived.(: we have an old graveyard around here, but the oldest graves are only from the 1800s…the 1600s is definitely pretty neat! 😛

    I can’t wait to see more pictures from your trip! It must have been amazing!


  3. Did you have to resurface these gorgeous pictures!? You know I’m dying to go to Europe! 😉 I never can decide where, but now Germany looks like a lovely place to go. So after our PEI trip, and your music debut tour in Ireland, we’ll go to Germany. 🙂

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