Scenes from my travels: Salzburg Austria

Cue the music…
Ahem…excuse me, but what else does one think of in Salzburg. You guys, Salzburg is an AMAZING city. I absolutly want to go back. I would love to go at Christmastime someday. Sigh. Moving on.
While we stayed in Germany for a few days, my grandfather, best friend, and I went over to Salzburg while my dad was in meetings. As far as cities go, it was most certainly one of my favorites. It’s a great place for musicians to visit. Mozart was born there, and of course one of our most beloved musicals is set there. 
Pretty buildings…
Recognize this? Solders march in front of it in The Sound of Music.
 We stopped off at an amazing pastry shop! We actually ordered lunch here. It was delicious.
All of the shops have wrought iron signs.
Maria runs past this building in I Have Confidence.
 A flower stand…
Inside a church. This particular church had at least five organs inside!
 The city’s fortress.
Where the Von Trapps hid from the Nazis.
 We ate dinner at this incredible place. It was first known to be a restaurant in the year 803! Charlemagne was a guest here way back then. It was absolutely amazing. The restaurant also holds Mozart dinner concerts upstairs which we unfortunately didn’t have time to attend. We did get to hear some of the music and see the musicians in their period attire, though:-)
Now I’m sure you will recognize these gardens! Just wait.
Yes, we did get to run up and down those stairs:-) And through this tunnel thingy. That’s my best friend Brynna right there.
 This is the church that the wedding is held at in the film.
Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now! We also visited Mozart’s birthplace, but no photos were allowed:( I hope you all enjoyed and I will talk to you all soon!

12 thoughts on “Scenes from my travels: Salzburg Austria

  1. Ah, I’m loving all these pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Germany 🙂

    When my school choir visited Salzburg, we sang some songs from The Sound of Music in front of the famous fountain in an impromptu concert! People started crowding round and taking pictures, it was incredible 😀


    1. Abby, how fun to do an impromptu concert! I would love to do a music tour someday, and preform in places like this! Thanks for commenting:)

  2. Beautiful! Austria has just entered my ‘must-visit’ list, which is very limited. It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for posting these.

  3. Great pictures! I probably would have been singing/humming songs from the Sound of Music everywhere I went, haha! Ahhh, and all the buildings are so pretty! I love old architecture.


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