September Goals

Rifle Paper Co. Coffee and Tea calendarYou guys, it’s September! September-December are my favorite months of the year, and I’m so happy this season has arrived. Of course even though it’s 85 degrees outside, I’m pretending it’s fall. There’s an autumn candle burning and I’ve had plenty of hot tea this morning. 😀 My pumpkin plants are growing away, and my sisters baked an apple cake last night…I think it’s safe to say we are ready!

I haven’t done a monthly goals post in so long, and if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll remember when they were standard fare on this blog. Today I thought I’d write down my September goals to share with you. I think I could use a little creative kick, and sharing my goals always helps with that.

-September Goals-

Blog 6 days a week. I was pretty good at this in July, but in August I started teaching, and found myself needing to adjust how I spent my time. I’ve pretty much adjusted to my schedule at this point and am in a place where blogging consistently can happen again.

Finish 5 books. This summer I’ve been doing better with reading than I have in a long time, and I’m definitely planning to share a reading update this month! I still have several in process books I’d like to finish off this month before I get into my fall reading list.

Put together my autumn capsule wardrobe. Of course I’ll be writing several posts about this process, but I’m so excited for fall fashion! The weather here in Arkansas normally cools around mid-September, so I’m planning to try and have my wardrobe ready by then. I’ve already pulled all of my autumn clothes out of storage, and am working on a list of any additions that may need to be purchased. Bring on the cozy sweaters!!

Run! I love running, and once the weather starts to be bearable, I love running outside. I injured my knee running earlier this summer, but I’m recovered now and ready to get back to it.

Finish two knitting projects. I have two projects in the works that are oh-so-close to done! Hopefully I can finish them right as the cooler weather gets here!

What are some of your September goals? Who else is ready for fall? I’d love to hear!

6 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I’m so excited for autumn! I would love to blog more & run more too, as well as write more (I say more, but I have hardly been writing at all lately…write. I’d like to write. XD)

    What books are on your Autumn list? I’m always looking for new recommendations!

    1. Hehe, totally understand saying I want to do something more, but really I just need to do it! I’m still working through my summer list, so once I finish putting together my autumn list, I’ll be posting it here! I’m definitely wanting to read Gone with the Wind and to re-read the Anne books! 😀

    1. Yes! I love the holidays so much! I’ll definitely plan some reading post here in the next few weeks! They really motivate me to get more reading done. That’s wonderful that it’s helped with your anxiety! I always do find myself so peaceful when I have a book. 😀
      I hope you have a great weekend Alexandra!

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