Still Alive

Hey everyone! So as you can tell, I’ve failed miserably at blogging everyday. Will see how I do from here on out.
So a new semester has begun! I’m so excited about my classes this year, particularly Spiritual Formation, Music Lit II, and all my various piano classes. Also exciting is the fact that our choir is singing Baba Yetu from Civilization this semester. I always wanted to be in a choir that sang it and now I am. Click on the linky above to listen to it! 
I signed up for a little something called Tiger Tunes this semester and am so excited! Basically Tiger Tunes is our school’s big scholarship raising event of the year and goes back to the 1980s. It involves different clubs and groups putting together a show that parodies pop music and is so much fun to watch, so I can’t wait to be involved this year. 
In other news my dorm was remodeled over the summer! I still live in the freshmen dorms, but they were kind enough to remodel Sophomore floor and surprise us. If you watch my YouTube videos I will be posting a dorm tour soon so keep an eye out for that.
Not so exciting things that have happened lately include the return to Aural Skills (now semester 3…don’t ask me how that happened.) which I’m praying my way through, and homework. I like a lot of my homework, just not a few things. 
I’ll be posting more soon.

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