Summer of Self Discipline: Weeks 1-3


I’ve recently begun to realize how lazy I can be. Now that summer is here and I no longer have a set of events scheduled out for me each day, I have decided to make my self a series of challenges to help me become more disciplined in all areas of my life. I decided to post this on my blog to help keep myself accountable, and also thought you might enjoy following along!

Week 1: Rest and Re-organize

That’s this week! I will be focusing on recovering from the last couple of weeks by making myself get a proper amount of sleep and taking daily walks. I will also be working on removing stress from my life by cleaning up clutter in the places that I live and work. Finally I will be working on making a quiet time a priority each day.

Week 2: Discipline

 Here is where things will get tough. After a nice restful week, I will dive head first into trying to form good habits. Challenges will include running, scripture reading, blogging, and music practicing, but more on this next week!

Week 3: Balance

I often get stressed because I don’t juggle my responsibilities well. During this week I will set six challenges/projects. I will budget the time spent on each challenge so as to complete all six challenges by the end of the week.

I hope you enjoy following along!

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