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summer shoe favoritesI’ve never been much of a shoe girl. My older sister was always more willing to spend money on shoes than clothes, and I was just the opposite. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve come to realize that shoes really can make or break a look, and I’ve started to build a good collection of them in my wardrobe. Today I’m talking about my summer shoes. These were all purchased in previous seasons, so I’ll talk a bit about my favorites, and what I feel is missing in my closet.

target summer sandals

I had to laugh at the number of ankle straps when I put all of these shoes together for pictures…only one pair doesn’t have an ankle strap! I’m definitely more of a flats girl than a heels girl. I’m not super tall (a little over 5’6,) but I hate feeling taller than most of the people around me, so I tend to stick to low heels and flats. I’m in flats 90% of the time. Because I love flats so much, I wanted a pair that felt dressy and extra special. Enter my Audrey Brooke studded pointy toe pair. I love these shoes, and wear them all the time! My other most worn summer shoes are the three pairs of sandals to the right of the photo above. The black pair is from Target last summer, and they are the perfect sandals for a lot of walking. The brown pair with a low wedge is also from Target 2 years ago. I love these sandals for pairing with summer dresses, and they’ve held up so well for a budget option. My little woven cognac sandals are from American Eagle Outfitters last summer, and I love these for super casual days.summer shoe wardrobe

The two pairs of higher shoes in my summer wardrobe aren’t my most worn, but I still love them! The peep toed pumps are Madden Girl, and I normally wear these for things like the symphony or weddings. They’re a great neutral pair of shoes to have for special occasions. The wedge sandals are probably the oldest pair of shoes I own…in fact they featured in the first outfit post I ever did back in 2012! I love these for pairing with long maxi dresses for weddings or summer parties. They’re super comfortable too!

I’ve noticed two gaps in my  shoe collection: first, I think a simple pair of slide sandals would come in handy. When I was a teenager I pretty much exclusively wore flip-flops, and I miss the ease that comes with them. I also think a pair of sneakers would be a great addition to my casual wardrobe. I found a pair of grey chambray Vans, and I think I may end up adding them to my wardrobe since they are pretty seasonless and so cute!

What are your favorite kinds of shoes to wear in the summer? Anything you are thinking of adding to your wardrobe? I’d love to hear!



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  1. I am all for sandals in the summer (I have already bought two pairs) and my knock off clogs from Old Navy. I REALLY still want a pair of those sued lace up flats in a tan color:)
    Thanks for sharing your summer shoes, I have been thinking about doing the same thing with my shoes.

  2. Ooh so fun. I’m not a huge shoe person… but I did notice recently that I have a ton of them, lots that I do not wear. : / So I am thinking a sort-through is in order. My absolute favorites are sandals and for whatever reason I gravitate toward gold ones. 🙂 However, I’ll always love ballet flats as well . 🙂 XO – Alexandra

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