The Best Ethically Made Boots for Fall 2017


Boots Made for Walking

Come October, you’ll usually find me in a pair of well loved ankle boots. I love how versatile they are, and the slight polish they lend to even the most laid-back of looks. When I first began to explore ethical fashion, I struggled to find shoes and boots that were what I wanted, but as time has passed, the options have increased. Today I’m sharing my favorite ankle boots on the market this autumn to give you some beautiful mindful options, and hopefully spare you the endless Google trail I went on a couple of years ago. Get ready to stomp through the autumn leaves! Here’s the footwear for the job.

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The Boots I Splurged On

Madewell Billie Boot Review

The Madewell Billie Boot

I came into this fall season knowing it was time for some new boots. Last year I pretty much just ignored the fact that I didn’t have any that worked with my wardrobe telling myself I’d buy a nice pair the next autumn, so today I wanted to talk a little bit about the boots that I ended up choosing: the Madewell Billie Boots. I think it’s important to approach wardrobe purchasing decisions intentionally, so I want to share why I chose these boots particularly!

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