4 Fresh Summer Beauty Finds

chic-natural-makeup-productsPeachy Tones

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a beauty post, and after a good long stretch of using the same products every day, I’ve added a few new things into the mix for the summer that I want to share with you! These days I’m all about a simple and fuss-free routine that leaves me looking fresh. Peachy tones always speak to me during the warmer months, as well as light fresh scents. I have four products to tell you about today, so let’s jump right in!

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Christmas Party Beauty Picks

Holiday Beauty Products

One of the things I love about the festive season is the excuse to break out some of my favorite holiday beauty products. Most of the year I don’t go for sparkle, but similar to my attitude with clothes, come Christmas, give me all the glitter! That said, I think there are some very chic and sophisticated ways to wear glitter, and today I’m sharing my favorite products for holiday sparkle and shine that still feel polished and elegant.

Let’s break out the glitz and glamor, shall we?

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3 Pretty Peachy Polishes

Butter London, Essie, Nail Inc NailKaleWell look at that well alliterated title won’t you?! 😉 Ahem, on to the actual blog post.

Come spring and summer, I practically live in peachy nail polish colors. If you remember my big nail polish declutter post, you may have noticed that most of the colors I kept were either peach or wine colors. I’m a creature of habit I suppose. Today I’m sharing three favorite peach polishes that I’ve been wearing this season! (Also, big shout out to the peach rose from my yard for blooming just for this post.)

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Polka Dot Nail Tutorial (fast & easy!)

polka dot nail tutorialbutter london champers nail polishHappy Monday friends! Today I have a nail tutorial for you! One of my favorite ways to do my nails is in a polka dotted pattern. It’s a little bit quirky, a little bit fun, and just makes me smile when I look at my nails. Whenever I wear this design, I always get a lot of questions and comments from friends, so I thought it was high time I made a tutorial showing you all how I do this. It really is super easy!

What you need:

-Two nail polish colors of your choice. I used Deborah Lippmann’s Flowers in her Hair and Butter London’s Champers.

-A top coat to keep everything in place.

-One sewing pin. This is the tool you will use to make the dotted design

Begin by painting your nails with a base of one solid color. I normally use two coats of whatever nail polish I’m working with.

polka dot nails deborah lippmann flowers in her hairdeborah lippmann spring collection

Dip your pin in the contrast color, and gently dot it across your nail. I do a pattern of six dots: one on the tip of my nail, two directly beneath that, one beneath those, and two at the base of the nail. You may find that you need to clean the pin with a bit of nail polish remover while you are working. Don’t worry if you get polish on your skin. That can be cleaned up later!

how to paint polka dot nailspolka dot nail art

Once all of you nails are covered in pretty polka dots, allow the polish to dry. You don’t want to apply a top coat until the polka dots have set. If they aren’t set, the brush from the top coat can smudge them.

essie good to go topcoat

Apply your top coat (I love Essie’s good to go,) and use an angled brush dipped in polish remover to clean up the edges.

polka dotted nail tutorial

And that’s it! Now you have a fun polka dotted manicure!

 Let me know if you try this out for yourself! I’d love to see how it worked for you!