24 Piece Capsule Wardrobe for Winter 2017

Minimalist Closet

Today I’m excited to finally share my winter capsule wardrobe for 2017! I surprised myself by minimizing even further, and ended up with a 24 piece wardrobe for the winter season. If you remember from my planning post, I confined myself to a color scheme this season, and I feel that taking that step has made my wardrobe much more cohesive. Many of these pieces will look familiar to you if you’ve followed me for the past few seasons, but there are some new additions as well which I’m excited about. As usual, I filmed my capsule wardrobe so you can get a good idea of what the pieces are like, and I’ve also included a listing of each piece with links to currently available items. I hope this provides some wardrobe inspiration for you!

Grab a cup of tea, cue the Sinatra, and enjoy the video!

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Planning for My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Planning a capsule wardrobeWinter is finally hitting my city, and as I type this, there’s a chance of snow. The chill in the air has me thinking more about my winter capsule wardrobe and the pieces that I want to wear for the next few months. I don’t have a lot of pieces in my closet that are exclusive to either winter or fall, so I’m sure there will be some overlap between the two seasons, but I have a few new additions to make as  well as some items to switch out.

I’m once again utilizing my capsule wardrobe planner which is still available for you to use also. It contains space for planning your shopping, color scheme, a list of ethical brands, and more! You can download the planner here, and I hope you find it helpful! Another resource I’m really enjoying as I plan is The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. It’s full of great advice on personal style and developing a wardrobe you love.

Let’s get planning.

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How I Plan a Capsule Wardrobe (& a free printable wardrobe planner!)

freecapsulewardrobeplannerHi friends! So since I started wearing and sharing my capsule wardrobes here on the blog, I’ve had several questions about the process of making a capsule wardrobe. With this in mind, today I’m sharing my own process for making a new capsule as well as a printable planner I created for both myself and you guys. The planner echos a lot of what I’ll say in this blog post, and also includes some fun resources such as a list of ethical and sustainable brands, where to shop second hand, and lots of writing space. I hope you find it helpful!

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Outfit: Meet the Teacher

thred up outfitWell hello there friends! My, it’s been a while! I decided to give myself a break from blogging as I’ve started my new job at the school, and wanted to spend my energy focusing on how I would balance both blogging and teaching. I’ve been working on scheduling my time, and I hope to be able to keep up with regular posting.

Anyway, on to the outfit! Now that I work at a school, I’ve found dressing from my summer capsule to be a bit challenging, and I’ll definitely be incorporating some more outfit options that don’t involve jeans into my autumn wardrobe (more on that soon!) For today’s outfit I decided to keep it simple with my comfy black trousers and pink lace top. The combination of pink and black always reminds me of my ballet lessons as a kid, so of course I picked out some ballet flats for this look. I recently got some little black suede lace up flats from Target, and I feel like a real blogger now. 😉 They are so fun to wear, and I always find myself wanting to dance when I do wear them. I carry my vintage Coach bag pretty much every day at this point, so of course I had it with me today as well as my trusty Anthropologie sunglasses. I love the combination of a deeper lipstick with pink outfits, so today I swiped on a bit of Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I love how the look came together, and how it looks with the late summer Crepe Myrtles.

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My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016Hi friends! Today I’m excited to finally share my summer capsule wardrobe with you! This season I’ve done it in video form, and I may have gotten a little carried away with the stop motion. 😉 My wardrobe this season is 22 pieces, and I opted not to include shoes or accessories in my capsule. I’m so happy with how cohesive the pieces are while still being fun and unique. Often times capsule wardrobes can tend toward the monochrome, and while I love that look, sometimes I want a good print or a splash of color! I’m happy to have found a color and texture palette that works with my personal style and makes putting together outfits that much easier.

Capsule details:

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