Catching My Eye: Spring Beauty

Spring is one of my favorite times of year when it comes to the beauty world. I love how fresh everything seems, and the emphasis on light applications, cream products, and soft colors, with a bit of glow. The eco-friendly beauty world has really stepped up its game in the past few years, and I get so excited to see new releases when this time of year hits. For me this spring, it’s all about rosy tones and dewy skin, so today I thought I’d share some products I have my eye on to help me achieve my spring look.

Grab a cup of tea, & let’s talk beauty!

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Christmas Party Beauty Picks

Holiday Beauty Products

One of the things I love about the festive season is the excuse to break out some of my favorite holiday beauty products. Most of the year I don’t go for sparkle, but similar to my attitude with clothes, come Christmas, give me all the glitter! That said, I think there are some very chic and sophisticated ways to wear glitter, and today I’m sharing my favorite products for holiday sparkle and shine that still feel polished and elegant.

Let’s break out the glitz and glamor, shall we?

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Gift Guide Part 2: Beauty

 Beauty Gift GuideThis year in my gift guide series, I wanted to include a segment on beauty gifts that include cruelty free, sustainable, and natural options. I always love giving and receiving beauty products, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty gifts for the holiday season. The world of beauty products can be a bit overwhelming in it’s volume, so I’ve compiled some amazing items from across different categories for you to peruse.

These products have the luxury factor and are beautiful without being harmful!

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The Matte Lipsticks I Actually Like

BITE Beauty Matte Lip Crayons

Ah, matte lipsticks. I want to love them, but they always end up looking dry and flaky once I apply them. I love the sophistication of the finish, but if it’s not comfortable to wear, I won’t. After years of looking for a matte lipstick I actually liked, though, BITE Beauty has come to my rescue in the form of their Matte Crème Lip Crayons. After a day of wearing one of the shades, I realized not only had I not thought about it all day, but my lips actually felt moisturized instead of dehydrated.

Moisturizing and matte? Why yes. Yes they are.

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Growing Out My Hair with Argan Oil & Burgati Beauty

Burgati Pro Haircare Review

I’ve had my hair in a lob for over a year, and after a lot of deliberating back in May, I finally decided to try growing it out again. I love my shorter hair, but I’m just ready for a change– I’m also in a friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks, and I wanted my hair to be a bit longer for the event. My hair and skin are pretty reactive to different products, so I have to be careful with what I use. Burgati recently sent me their hair care line to try out, and I’ve been loving the results their products have given me!

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