5 Things to Declutter this Month

IMG_0397Less is More

The change in seasons always motivates me to lighten up my life, and this fall that has manifested itself in a hefty declutter of my belongings. Stuff accumulates so quickly, and I find that I need to do a good declutter at least once a year. During this most recent organization and decluttering spree, I was surprised both by how much I had collected, and how much I could say goodbye to with no regrets. I went through several categories of belongings, and today I’m sharing those with you. I’ll also be sharing my favorite apps for selling those items once you’ve decided to let them go. Let’s get rid of stuff!

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Decluttering: My Shoes & Accessories

How to organize shoeshow to organize/declutter shoes and accessories










We’ve come to the final part of my decluttering series, and I wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words on this little project! I’m so glad it’s inspiring you to clean out parts of your life, and I’ve so enjoyed putting this together. For the last installment in my decluttering series, I decided to tackle my shoes, handbags, and jewelry. I don’t clear out these items regularly, so I was curious to see how I used what I had, and what items were just taking up extra space in my life. Accessories are not something I own a lot of, but I was surprised at how much I had accumulated that I just don’t get use out of.

Ready to cut down your shoe collection or minimize your jewelry box? Let’s do it!

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Decluttering: My Wardrobe & 5 Tips to Declutter Yours

How to declutter your wardrobeFor the second part of my decluttering series, I decided to work on the clothes in my closet. As most of you know, I wear a capsule wardrobe that is fairly minimal, but as I get ready to switch things up for the next three months, now seemed like a great time to assess what I get use out of, and what I don’t.  Once again, I filmed the process for you so you can see how I decide what to keep and what to part with, and I’ve also compiled a list of tips to help you clean out your own closet!

A streamlined wardrobe, here we come!

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Decluttering: The Beauty Stash

Decluttering my makeup collection

I’m starting out the year here on the blog with a decluttering series! Recently I’ve been learning more about minimizing through various resources, and I’ve felt inspired to try and reduce the clutter in my life. Today we’re starting out with my beauty stash, one of the most cluttered areas of my life. It was full of things I didn’t get value out of, and it felt so good to reduce the number of items in my collection. I filmed the decluttering process for you, so you can get a good idea of how I go through these little decisions.

Grab a cuppa, and get inspired!

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