Where to Buy Ethical Jeans (3 Options under $100!)

skinny jeans under 100 dollars I recently realized I was in need of some new jeans for the first time since switching to ethical shopping, and little did I know what a monumental task finding ethical and affordable denim would be. I love dark and mid wash skinny jeans with a higher rise for their classic and comfortable feel, so I had a good idea of what I was in search of. I took to Google, researching the ethics codes various denim brands, and attempting to find something in a lower price range. Most brands I found ranged from $175-$250, and while I do consider jeans a place to invest, I just can’t spend that amount at this point in my life. After a lot of searching, I was able to find three fair brands who make dark wash women’s skinny jeans all coming in at under $100! In this post I’ll be sharing the options available from these brands, as well as the jeans I ended up choosing for myself. Spoiler alert, I love them.

Grab a cup of coffee and a measuring tape, and let’s do some jean shopping.

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Where to Shop for Affordable & Ethical Basics

Where to buy affordable ethical basicsOften times when I’ve brought up the topic of ethical and sustainable fashion, friends respond by saying something to effect of  “that’s nice, but there’s no way I could afford that.” That was my mindset when I first started to look into alternative brands as well, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the affordable, but still fair, options that are on the market today. I’ve been able to find many brands that are comparable in price or even less expensive than fast fashion brands, and while affordability is a relative term, I hope there will be something for everyone among the brands I share. Today I’d like to start with knit basics such as tees, leggings, and tanks.

Move over fast fashion, we’ve got better alternatives!

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