DIY Recycled Gift Wrap (Video!)

Wrapping Paper Tutorial using a Whole Foods BagChristmas is coming oh-so quickly, and today I’m excited to share a fun DIY gift wrap tutorial with you! I recently became aware that most gift wrap is not recyclable, and I wanted to come up with a beautiful way to present gifts that can still be recycled. I came up with this super cute gold polka dotted paper, and it’s so easy to make! All you need is an old grocery bag (I used Whole Foods which is a great size,) and a metallic gold paint pen. You can really customize this paper to be your own unique style, and I love that it’s made from a recycled material and can be recycled again– plus it’s just so pretty!

Grab your crafting supplies and Christmas gifts, and let’s get wrapping!

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Gift Guide Part 3: Gifts for the Guys

Gift Guide for GuysFor the final part of my gift guide series, I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas for the gentlemen in your life! Most of us have men to shop for, and if you’re anything like me, you may find it challenging to come up with unique gift ideas. I have two brothers who are also in their 20s that I shop for as well as my dad, so today I’m sharing some gifts that I’ve chosen in the past and gifts that I just think are cool! I got my brothers to look through this guide, so all gifts are officially guy approved!

For this guide I’ve included a variety of categories ranging from style to housewares, so there is something here for every guy on your list.

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The Boots I Splurged On

Madewell Billie Boot Review

The Madewell Billie Boot

I came into this fall season knowing it was time for some new boots. Last year I pretty much just ignored the fact that I didn’t have any that worked with my wardrobe telling myself I’d buy a nice pair the next autumn, so today I wanted to talk a little bit about the boots that I ended up choosing: the Madewell Billie Boots. I think it’s important to approach wardrobe purchasing decisions intentionally, so I want to share why I chose these boots particularly!

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Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist

Anthropologie mug‘Tis the season for fall shopping, and I’ve been planning out exactly what I want to add to my wardrobe this season. I haven’t found too many gaps in my wardrobe, but there are a few additions I’d like to make. As mentioned in my capsule planning post, I like to divide my shopping between thrifting and buying new, so today I’ll be sharing my thrifting list, what I want to buy new, and a few things I’d like to sew for myself this autumn.

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A Look Back at My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

summer capsule wardrobe 2016As summer slowly draws to a close, I’m both contemplating my autumn wardrobe, and thinking about what I’ve been wearing this summer. I loved my summer capsule, and how it made me more creative with the pieces I already owned. I also learned some things about my style and what works best for my life through this wardrobe. It was my first warm weather capsule, and while there is always room for improvement, I think it was successful!

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