5 Movies for Style Inspiration

parisian trench coatOn-Screen Style

I love watching movies, particularly anything in the period drama category or films from the 1930s-50s. One of my favorite ways to wind down is to brew a cup of tea, put on my favorite cozy sweater, and curl up with a favorite movie. Costume design has always been interesting to me, and I love seeing how the clothes of different characters add depth to how we perceive them in the story. A well developed character will have an equally well developed wardrobe, rather it’s what I would call beautiful or not. I take a lot of style inspiration from my favorite films, and today I’m sharing a few of those favorites with you. Wardrobe inspiration is everywhere, but it is abundant on the silver screen.

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My Favorite Classic Movies

to catch a thief, how to steal a millionThe forecast calls for thunder storms this weekend, and that more than likely means I’ll be curled up with a cup of tea and some good films. Some of my favorite movies are old Hollywood classics. Films from the 30s-60s draw me in for their casts, costumes/styles, and incredible scripts. I’m often asked what my favorite older movies are, so today I’m sharing my favorites. I have so many other favorites, but here are some of them!

Pop some popcorn, and get ready for movie night!

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