3 Non-Toxic Nail Polishes for Fall

anthropologie-initial-mug-floralFall Polish

Fall has long been my favorite season for nail polish, and over the past few years I’ve accumulated some tried and true shades. Since I’ve been working on using more non-toxic formulas, and also on decluttering my life, my collection has definitely diminished, but I have noticed three stand-out colors I continue to reach for. During this time of year I’m drawn to both deep reds and burgundies, and mauve shades with a hint of grey. I find that these two color families give me enough versatility for the season, and still feel autumn-appropriate. On to the polishes!

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My Nail Polish Detox


5-free? 7-free? 8-free? Cruelty-free?

Yes please!

Hi there friends, and happy Monday! As I’ve become more interested in natural and cruelty-free cosmetics, I’ve done a bit of research on nail polishes. Nail polish is one of my favorite things, and it was interesting to learn a bit more about the ingredients of each brand that I used. I put my nail polish collection through a bit of a detox, and today I want to talk about some brands that have remained favorites in my collection. Let’s go!

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3 Pretty Peachy Polishes

Butter London, Essie, Nail Inc NailKaleWell look at that well alliterated title won’t you?! 😉 Ahem, on to the actual blog post.

Come spring and summer, I practically live in peachy nail polish colors. If you remember my big nail polish declutter post, you may have noticed that most of the colors I kept were either peach or wine colors. I’m a creature of habit I suppose. Today I’m sharing three favorite peach polishes that I’ve been wearing this season! (Also, big shout out to the peach rose from my yard for blooming just for this post.)

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Nail Polish Declutter

IMG_4719You guys, my nail polish collection has gotten a little out of hand. I recently counted up the bottles and found that I had a grand total of 38 polishes, and for me that is just way too many, and there is no way that I will ever use them all. Since I’m currently in full on spring-cleaning mode, I decided it was high time to declutter my collection- a lot of these polishes are pretty old and not even usable, meaning they just take up extra space in my life that I could be freeing up!

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