The Weekender // No. 8

Darling MagazineIt’s the weekend, it’s the weekend! I hope yours has been off to a great start. I’ve had just about the most relaxing Saturday ever spent catching up on some housework, video editing, and finally getting around to painting my nails. 🙂 This past week, while not overly busy, definitely used a lot of my brain power, and it’s been so nice to have a day to relax and catch up! Tonight I’m thinking I may rustle up some super unhealthy pasta and watch You’ve Got Mail. I’m such a sucker for a good 90s rom-com. Do any of you have favorites you would recommend? I could always use more for my watch list! I’ll also be finishing up a video for my YouTube channel tonight that will go live in the morning. I’ve been posting videos each week, so if you’re not subscribed over there, be sure to check it out!

Some links for your weekend:

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5 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

favorite instagram accountsI love social media, and of all the many platforms out there today, I think Instagram is still my favorite. Seriously, I could scroll for hours! It’s one of the first places I go for a little creative inspiration, and I love how relationships are built via the platform. While curating my own feed is a lot of fun, I also love the app because I love seeing how others use it. Today I’m sharing five current favorite Instagram accounts! Follow these ladies for beauty and inspiration galore!

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7 Random Facts About Me

Versatile Blogger AwardIt’s been forever since I’ve done a blog award post, but Stephanie from Sincerely, Stephanie was kind enough to tag me with the Versatile Blogger Award, so here I am doing a “7 Random Facts” post. Thank you so much Stephanie! This takes me back to when I first started my blog– tag posts were my favorite in 2011 apparently. 😉 I’ve kind of struggled to come up with seven random facts because I feel like I share so much about myself here on the blog, but these are my attempt at some new and fun things you might not know about me!

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Favorite Things // No. 12

pastelchristmastreeI have a small white tree with colorful lights in my apartment, and I think it’s so cute!

Hi friends! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! I just finished my final night of performances this week, which is a wonderful feeling. It will be nice for the last week of classes to be a normal week without the stress of nightly rehearsals. The performances were fun, and I almost can’t believe it was my last year to participate in this event! The fact that I’m graduating in the spring is starting to sink in.

It’s been ages since I’ve done a favorite things post, so I’m bringing it back this week! If you’re new to my blog, these are posts where I share random things I love from around the internet. On to this week’s edition!

– These DIY wooden Christmas ornaments are beautiful. I especially love the combination of rose gold and plain wood. It’s such a great contrast!

– I’m currently obsessed with Rifle Paper Co.’s wrapping paper, and can’t wait to order some for my Christmas gifts this year. I especially love the little snow scene design.

– My roommate and I watched the movie Begin Again this weekend, and Keira Knightly’s style in the film was amazing. It was cool, effortless, and feminine all at the same time. I’d like that costume designer to style my wardrobe. 😉

– I love this cute cable knit hat pattern. If I ever finish all of my Christmas knitting (more on that in another post soon,) I may have to make this for myself!

– These mercury glass monogrammed ornaments from Anthropologie are so pretty, and just went on sale! I purchased one as gift for a friend the other day, and can’t wait to give it to her! I think something personal like this is such a nice touch in a gift.

That’s it for now! What have you been loving lately? I’d love to hear!