The Weekender // No. 15

Green Wool Coat by Banana RepublicHappy weekend, once again, friends! This weekend my schedule is pretty jam packed as I get ready for a local Christmas concert I’m playing in next week. We are running seven shows, which means busy evenings and long rehearsals, but I love the festive hum of being involved in a holiday concert. Between work and the show, I’m hoping to make time for festive activities like decorating, making treats with my sisters, reading by the fire, knitting along to a Christmas movie, and playing my favorite holiday records. Here’s to a full but fun week!

Since this is my first holiday season since I finished university, my goal has been to plan ahead to really enjoy the season. When I was in college, Christmas shopping didn’t happen until vacation started which was the week of Christmas day. The rush of coming home and getting everything done made the season a bit more stressful than I would like, so this year, I’ve already nearly finished with my shopping, and have my activities planned out to make the most of my favorite time of year. Hooray for progress!

Some links for the weekend

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My Summer Reading List

summer book list 2016

I’m definitely a slow reader, and definitely over ambitious every time I make a reading list, but that doesn’t stop me from making them. I tend to think that I get more reading done with a list than I would without. Summer is one of my favorite times to get some good reading done, and now that I’m graduated, it’s so great to be able to read for the sake of reading instead of for classes. I have eight books I’d like to get through this summer, and a few of them are already in process!

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My Summer Essentials

Paper Crown Rifle Paper CoHappy first day of summer everyone! Each season throughout the year has it’s own charm to me, and while fall and winter are my favorites, summer will always have a special place in my heart. I’m not the biggest fan of hot days, but I love long breezy days, picnics, family time, reading, traveling, and of course, my birthday. 🙂

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things for the summer season.

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My Favorite Apps

favorite appsHi everyone! I don’t know if this makes me a way too nosy person, but I love seeing what apps other people use and love, so today I thought I would share a few of my top favorites with you! I’ve tried to include a bit of a mixture, so hopefully you will find something new to add to your phone!

– A Beautiful Mess

Without a doubt, the A Beautiful Mess app is my absolute (or should I say appsolute?) favorite to edit my Instagram photos. We all know the struggle of taking a good photo on our phones, but this app has the prettiest filters that make everything look a little better. I’ve been using it for a year, and I’m still obsessed!


For anything related to books, I love my Goodreads app. I can keep up with what my friends are reading, find new releases, and track my own reading progress. You can also use Goodreads on your computer if you aren’t a phone person. Feel free to friend me to keep up with what I’m reading by clicking here!


I’m a big fan of audio books, and love using Audible to listen to them. While I do think it’s a little overpriced, it gets me to get through many more books than I would without it. They have so many options, including new releases, and I love getting to listen to a book while I knit after a long day.

-She Reads Truth

This app is in this list specifically for my Christian readers. With our busy schedules it’s hard to make time to read scripture, but this app makes it simple. You can choose from a ton of different reading plans, and go through different studies in scripture which are a lot of fun. I’m currently going through the sermon on the mount, and have been loving it! They also have a beautiful selection of phone wallpapers to download which I love using.

-Nike Running

I put this app in a little sheepishly, because it’s been way too long since I’ve used it. 😉 In spite of my current lack of consistent exercise, this is a great app to help keep track of your running! I love that is measures distance and time so you can keep track of how your endurance builds!

And that’s it for my favorite apps! What are some of your favorites? I’d love to hear!