Vintage Picks No. 3 // Inspired by Alexa Chung

vintage-clothing-alexa-chung-style60s meets 70s meets now

When it comes to modern day style inspirations, I always find myself referencing Alexa Chung, and I think her style is especially interesting to those of us who like to incorporate vintage into our closets. Alexa’s style is an eclectic mix of 60s mod, 70s cool-girl, and current trends. I often turn to her recently photographed looks for outfit inspiration, particularly in the fall and winter months.

Key elements of her outfits? Vintage-inspired blouses, a-line skirts, oversized outerwear, and quirky pieces that don’t take themselves too seriously. Today I’ve collected a mixture of casual and dressy vintage items from kick-flare jeans, to stripey sweaters, to the perfect 1960s mod dress. Click on the pictures in the slideshow below to be taken directly to the product page.



Who are some of your modern-day style inspirations? I’d love to hear!

My Winter Style Experiment

Winter Capsule Wardrobe ExperimentFinding my personal style has been tricky over the year because I love so many different styles aesthetically. Recently, however, I had an interesting realization. I had just gotten home from running errands and was wearing a pretty standard casual outfit for me: jeans, a striped tee, and a jacket. After hanging up my green jacket, I walked by a mirror and happened to think to myself that I really liked what I was wearing: my jeans and my striped shirt with a simple gold necklace. Here’s what I realized: I feel 10 times more confident and myself in a more minimal and neutral outfit right now. This felt surprising to the girl who loves floral prints and unique colors, but it gave me an idea.

For the duration of my winter capsule wardrobe, I am going to experiment with wearing what I would call “minimalist style.”

Simple outfits, a subtle color palette, and clean lines.

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4 Casual Wardrobe Staples

everlane capsule wardrobe

I’ve been wearing a capsule wardrobe for two seasons at this point, and I find that there are a few basics that I plan to always have in my capsule. These are simple, casual pieces that can be worn in so many different ways, and their versatility makes them perfect for a capsule wardrobe. Today I’m sharing four basics for your wardrobe, and while I’m sure there are more than four basics in my closet, I think these pieces are a great place to start in a more intentional wardrobe!

They are:

The Denim Shirt, The Striped Tee, The Denim Jacket, and The Cross-body Bag.

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My Current Favorite Fashion Blogs

favorite fashion blogsI love a good fashion blog. Looking to other bloggers for style inspiration makes fashion feel much more accessible than it does in magazines, and I love the diversity displayed across this immense platform. Fashion blogs were some of the first that I read as a teenager, and my love for them has never wavered. Today I thought I share a few that I’m finding extra inspiring at the moment. I’m loving that 60s inspired English style right now, and these bloggers definitely embrace that look.

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