Birthday Dresses & Birthday Thoughts

slow-fashion-blogOh Hey 24!

Happy Monday friends! Last Thursday was my 24th birthday, and I had such a nice day spent with family and dear friends. I always love my birthday, not so much for the celebration, while I do love that, as much as for the time to reflect on what I’ve done and been blessed with in the past year. I also love to take this time to come up with a list of goals I want to achieve at the new age I’ve reached. I’m told I should compile a 25 before 25 bucket list– have any of you done this? This year I’m particularly aware of just how much can change in a year as I think back to last summer when I was totally unsure of my path after my college graduation that spring. Since then I’ve been given so many wonderful opportunities, and I’ve grown so much. I even managed to mostly conquer my fear of driving!

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Autumn Trends, Summer Heat

Styling a denim jacketI think I’m a little too excited for fall, because it was definitely way too hot to be wearing this outfit yesterday, but my mind was so much in autumn-mode that I went for it anyway. 😉 I met up with the lovely Lee from Lee Thrifts, and she introduced me to the cutest handmade popsicle/ice cream bar shop down in The Heights. If you’re in the Little Rock area, Le Pops is adorable and super good!

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Outfit: Meet the Teacher

thred up outfitWell hello there friends! My, it’s been a while! I decided to give myself a break from blogging as I’ve started my new job at the school, and wanted to spend my energy focusing on how I would balance both blogging and teaching. I’ve been working on scheduling my time, and I hope to be able to keep up with regular posting.

Anyway, on to the outfit! Now that I work at a school, I’ve found dressing from my summer capsule to be a bit challenging, and I’ll definitely be incorporating some more outfit options that don’t involve jeans into my autumn wardrobe (more on that soon!) For today’s outfit I decided to keep it simple with my comfy black trousers and pink lace top. The combination of pink and black always reminds me of my ballet lessons as a kid, so of course I picked out some ballet flats for this look. I recently got some little black suede lace up flats from Target, and I feel like a real blogger now. 😉 They are so fun to wear, and I always find myself wanting to dance when I do wear them. I carry my vintage Coach bag pretty much every day at this point, so of course I had it with me today as well as my trusty Anthropologie sunglasses. I love the combination of a deeper lipstick with pink outfits, so today I swiped on a bit of Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I love how the look came together, and how it looks with the late summer Crepe Myrtles.

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Outfit: Camping at the Lake


Hi friends! I’m back online after a weekend camping with no service! Often times being without internet stresses me out, but it was nice to just detach for a while. I hadn’t been camping in so long, and had so much fun out on the lake drinking loads of campfire coffee! When I found out I was going on this trip, I knew I’d need a couple of wardrobe additions. I didn’t have any sort of bathing suit, so I decided to make one. I ended up with this little black and white gingham one piece which I just love! It’s simple, but with a retro feel. I also made these linen shorts from a 1950s pattern to wear as a coverup, and I love how they turned out. The high waist is perfect, and they make me feel like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. 🙂 I brought along my denim jacket since it had been rainy, and added my new Anthropologie sunglasses and old black sandals to finish off this comfy camping look. My gold Madewell necklace pretty much never leaves my neck, so it went to the lake too!

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A Morning at the Orchard

peach orchard photographySince I’ve moved back to Arkansas, it’s not summer without a trip to a peach orchard! My family loves to go early in the day and pick enough peaches to bake our favorite recipes and preserve for the autumn and winter seasons. We love making ice cream, sorbet, jam, and lots of other things with fresh peaches! Since we have a lot of family visiting right now, we thought it would be fun to take all of the younger cousins to the orchard with us, so we drove out this morning and came home with way too much fruit. It was actually beautiful weather, despite being late July, and we had a wonderful time!

I took along my camera, and I just love the way the light filtered through the peach trees and created almost a sparkling effect. The orchard is out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s so peaceful to experience the kind of quiet you find away from the city. We walked around, picked peaches, ate peaches, and my sister and I snapped a bunch of photos. The orchard is also situated next to a lake which was so pretty! They have apple trees that will be ripe in the fall, and I really want to go back in October in cozy fall attire…am I the only one who’s already dreaming of fall?! 🙂

lake landscape photography

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