Berg + Betts: An Ethical & Sustainable Watch That’s Anything But Boring

blush and rose gold classic round face watch by Berg + Betts

When I first started making the switch to ethical and sustainable fashion, I knew in the back of my mind that I was wanting to add a classic watch to my wardrobe. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find what I was looking for in the world of sustainable brands, and after an initial internet search left me with only wooden and cork options, I was a little discouraged. I knew I wanted something with a classic round face that was built to last, and had a chic and elegant feel.

And then I found Berg + Betts.

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DIY Recycled Gift Wrap (Video!)

Wrapping Paper Tutorial using a Whole Foods BagChristmas is coming oh-so quickly, and today I’m excited to share a fun DIY gift wrap tutorial with you! I recently became aware that most gift wrap is not recyclable, and I wanted to come up with a beautiful way to present gifts that can still be recycled. I came up with this super cute gold polka dotted paper, and it’s so easy to make! All you need is an old grocery bag (I used Whole Foods which is a great size,) and a metallic gold paint pen. You can really customize this paper to be your own unique style, and I love that it’s made from a recycled material and can be recycled again– plus it’s just so pretty!

Grab your crafting supplies and Christmas gifts, and let’s get wrapping!

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What is Ethical Fashion?

What is Ethical Fashion? I’ve received a few questions lately asking what ethical fashion actually means, so I decided to write a post about the definition of ethical fashion, why it matters to me, and how you can incorporate it into your own life. I hope this is a helpful resource for you guys, and answers some questions!

Ethical fashion is topic of conversation that is gaining traction right now based on more awareness thanks to amazing projects such as The True Cost, and recent events that have caused us to pause and question what is actually going on in the fashion industry. Depending on your background and issues that you care about, ethical fashion may have different connotations to you, so here I’ll present the definition that I work with, and that effects my thinking, shopping habits, and the content of this blog.

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