Travel Diary: Lucerne & Grindelwald, Switzerland

IMG_9872A Family Tradition

Ask most members of my family what their favorite country to visit is, and they will likely answer with an enthusiastic “Switzerland!” While I have a hard time choosing a favorite, Switzerland has a special place in my heart. My grandfather coordinated travel groups to Europe back in the 70s, and when my dad graduated college, they took a trip to Switzerland. Now my dad has continued to pass down that love of travel by taking me and my siblings on a similar trip when we graduated high-school. Traveling to Europe is something we all love, and you’ll often find us sharing stories of different trips and countries. I’m convinced my Grandy has been everywhere, and I love to listen to his travel tales. A favorite town for all of us is Grindelwald, but on our way there, we often stop in Lucerne. I feel so fortunate to have been twice now!

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