Vintage Picks // No. 1: Summer Blues & Whites

vintage-clothing-for-summer-2017Welcome to a brand new series: Vintage Picks! I’ve long loved browsing Etsy for vintage clothing and accessories, but I know from experience it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With this in mind, each week I will be curating some of my favorite vintage pieces around a unifying theme or idea with the purpose of making vintage shopping a little easier, and also to give myself the fun of hunting down items and putting them together! Without further ado, here’s the first installment of Vintage Picks!

Blue & White

When summer rolls around, I find myself drawn to blue pieces, be they denim or something else, and soft white cotton numbers, often with sweet embroidered details. Thankfully when it comes to both of these style ideas, the vintage world has me covered from the 1910s to the 1990s. A little white dress topped with a denim jacket and a straw hat sounds like the perfect summer ensemble in my book. These are the pieces I have my eye on when it comes to blue, white, and straw. I can’t get over the cold-shoulder dress or perfect market hat!

*The shop selling the basket bag just went on vacation, but I’ll link to it when it returns!

Which piece is your favorite? Will you be shopping vintage for your summer wardrobe? I’d love to hear!

How to Shop for Vintage & My Vintage Party Dress Picks

how to shop for vintage clothingSomething about the holiday season always reminds me of my love of vintage clothing styles. Maybe it’s occasions to dress up, watching It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas, or listening to crooners sing Christmas tunes, but whatever it is, in December I fall in love with vintage all over again. Today I’m sharing a video full of information on where I shop for vintage, how I know how old the pieces are, and how I incorporate vintage into my minimal closet. You may want to brew yourself some tea or coffee because I’m pretty sure this is the longest video ever to grace my YouTube channel, but I hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful!

Let’s talk vintage!

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