Thankful for Happy Things

~Decent quiz grades.
~Hot strawberry black tea.
~Praying for friends and being prayed for by friends.
~Amazing cupcakes made by my sister with this awesome mocha frosting. So. Good.
~Finished homework.
~Time to blog:)
~My Tinkerbell coffee mug.
~Celtic music.
~Learning to sing in Latin.
~Music professors.
~New music to learn.
~Beautiful weather.
~New friends.
~Reading Les Miserables.
~Finding a lovely quiet spot under a tree in which to read.
~Listening to the person on the other side of the practice room. And feeling very inspired.
~The ability to learn.
~Fellow believers.
~Time with Jesus.
~Time with family.
~My awesome RA:)
~A roommate who I get along with.
~Fellow tea drinkers.
~Fellow Whovians.
~Getting caught in the rain.
~My lovely, ancient, cold dorm room.
~Classes that inspire me in my faith.

I’m feeling so joyful and excited about life right now! I hope you are too:o)

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