Hi friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My week got off to a shaky beginning. I got a text from my mom on Monday saying my dad was in the ER with a blood clot. For a while they thought he would be in the hospital until after Christmas, but much to our pleasant surprise he was able to be home in time for Thanksgiving! He will be recovering for the next several weeks, but I feel so grateful to have him home. My big brother Cameron arrived home on Wednesday as well, and it is such an incredible blessing to have all nine of us together this week!

Thanksgiving day was a whirlwind filed with thirty relatives of all sorts, more pie than you can imagine, some oh-my-gosh-how-will-we-get-all-of-this-done moments, lots of laughter, and Christmas music. If you have ever seen the move While You Were Sleeping, just picture the dinner scene where everyone is carrying on a different conversation, and then multiply that by three. That is what it felt like- and I loved it.

mom and keeleyMom and Keeley, cooking away.

china and crystalWe are southern. We break out the china and crystal. #tradition

carmel cake

sistersMe and Lacey- my only big sister!



I’m overwhelmed this year by the provision, protection, and blessing of my Heavenly Father over me and my family. I’m also especially grateful for you- my sweet readers, who never fail to make me smile and take the time to read my blog.

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