The day I ran a mile

I’ve never been athletic. I was never the sporty girl or the outdoorsy girl. I mean, my hobbies are things like blogging and sewing, and none of them are particularly rigorous activities. pink and grey nikes

In the past year, however, something happened in my brain. I began to wish that I could run. I had never run before, and I knew I definitely didn’t have the endurance to run very far or fast at all. Last summer I even went so far as to get a pair of running shoes. I soon discovered I couldn’t even run a half mile. I was discouraged and disenchanted, and I gave up.

Throughout the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, I watched people run with increasing envy. I still wished I could run. I read articles for beginner runners, and researched everything from what to wear running, to how to increase distance. I told myself I would get back to it when my stressful spring semester ended.

Two months ago, I still wanted to run, but still wasn’t running. I was watching a video on YouTube where someone was recommending the book Running Like a Girl, by Alexandra Heminsley. I decided on a whim to download it from Audible.

I absolutely devoured that book. It seemed to know exactly what I was struggling with, and exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I truly think it was reading that book that got me to put my running shoes back on, and head out the door.

I still couldn’t even run a half mile. In my research, every plan for new runners seemed to start with the assumption that the new runner would be able to run a whole mile. If you can’t, I feel your pain. My first week of running, I would alternate running and walking for four minute increments until I’d been out for twenty to thirty minutes. I did this for four days that week.

By Thursday of my second week, I had run my first mile.

I did not expect to run a mile the day that I did. The day before I had to stop after just five minutes. There was no way.

As I jogged, however, I checked my iPod. I had run for five minutes, and felt fine! I knew I could keep going, at least for a little bit. By the time I started to feel like stopping, the mile mark was so close, I knew that I couldn’t. I ran my first mile that day in ten minutes and thirty seconds, and was absolutely on top of the world.

So now I’m in my fourth week of running, and I actually get excited to put on my trainers and head out the door. I’m nearly up to two miles at a time, and hope to be able to run a 5k by the end of August.

I’m so glad I’ve finally started to stick with running, and hope to share my progress with you!

2 thoughts on “The day I ran a mile

  1. That’s great that you are doing that! I can relate!
    Two weeks ago I started running again (I’ve run off and on for a couple of years) and I’m sticking to it! (It also helps that I’m running with my brother aka Mr long legs (he’s killing me! lol) That gives more incentive and is helping my speed get up there quicker!)
    Great read! Thanks! <3

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