The July Recap & 5 Things I’ll Do in August

Happy August! I can’t believe how quickly July flew by, and here we are with August stretched out before us.


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While I didn’t check everything off of last month’s bucket list, I managed to get some things done, and decided to post another one for the month of August. I like the process of thinking about what the month will hold, and what I will try to accomplish and do for fun.

July was a month full of family events, sewing, picture-taking, nanny-ing, and enjoying time with friends. It was a beautiful and relaxed month, the perfect way to wrap up Summer. As the start of a new semester looms, I’m thankful for a month of productivity, rest, and sweet time with the people I love.

This August I begin my Junior year in university, which is a bit hard to believe! I’m looking forward to my new classes and time with my college friends.

On to the list.

1. Get a new planner for the Fall semester, and fill it in as soon as I get my syllabi.

2. Run two miles, and keep up with my running program even in the busyness of school.

3. Find a good posting schedule for this blog. This is something I’ve been working on, but still don’t have down.

4. Sew a new skirt.

5. Plan my Fall wardrobe.

I would love to know what you are looking forward to in August!

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