The March Recap & 5 Things I’ll do in April

Some of my favorite Instagrams from March!

It’s April! I love spring, and I think of April as the most springy of all months. Everything is in bloom right now and it is beautiful. I’m so excited for everything the month ahead holds.

March was busy, long, and so full of activity! The month started out with some crazy snowy weather that we in the south are not too familiar with. I got to enjoy some fun snow days of no class and lots of tea. I worked on lots of crafty projects throughout March, and of course continued with school and practicing. We really are getting down to the wire this semester!

Spring Break was wonderful, and full of photo taking, coffee drinking, concert attending, movie watching, and book reading. Did you guys see Cinderella? Sigh. I loved it. I also got a new bike that I have been loving, and did two senior shoots (my first ever!)

I did pretty well with my goals last month, and enjoyed some yoga and lots of lemon water. My mornings still are not as productive as I would like, and I must confess that this past week has been full of late night practicing and sleeping as long as possible. Life happens.

Here are my goals for April:

1. Finish a book. I’m in the middle of far too many right now!

2. Get back to my photo a day series. I’m sure you’ve noticed it missing these past few weeks.

3. Do random encouraging things for the girls I live with as we enter the most stressful part of the semester.

4. Spend meaningful time with God more often.

5. Work on my quilt! I’ve had this quilt in process for about a year now, and would really like to get it finished.

I hope you all had a wonderful March! What are you looking forward to in April?

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