The Record Collection // No. 2; She and Him, Vladimir Horowitz, & Mumford and Sons

record collectionIt’s time for another installment in my record collection series! The three albums I’m sharing today are three that I listened to a lot over my last semester of college, and are also three of my all time favorites. They include one vintage album and two modern ones. Read on to see why I love them and what my favorite tracks are!

mumford and sons vinyl

vinyl collection she and him vinyl She and Him, The Classics

Favorite track: Stay Awhile

I love She and Him, and this is my favorite of their albums. These classic songs fit Zooey’s voice perfectly, and I find the album as a whole so nostalgic and peaceful.

Vladimir Horowitz, Vladimir Horowitz

Favorite track: Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13

Since I’m a classical musician, I guess a classical album had to be in here somewhere. 😉 I thrifted this album last year, and it’s such a treasure to me. Horowitz playing the Pathetique sonata is truly stunning. (I linked to the 2nd movement, but love the entire work!)

Mumford and Sons, Babel

Favorite track: Hopeless Wanderer

Sometimes I just need a little Mumford and Sons in my life. I think that their lyrics are so creative, and I always find their songs thought provoking. Please note a few tracks on this album contain strong language and may not be the best for young ears.

Have you listened to any of these albums? I’d love to hear!



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