The Weekender // No. 1

Coffee shopThe Weekender– A blog post written and published on the weekend.

Hello friends! Meet my new post series, similar to my “Favorite Things” posts from the past– those are being reworked into something new. In these weekend posts, expect to hear what I got up to over the past week and also to find some links to fun things around the web. I hope you all had a lovely week. I’ve been hard at work coordinating a local non-profit’s part in an event next week which entails lots of phone calls and emails as I connect with volunteers. It’s something very new for me, but I’m excited to be a part of it, and I’ll be sure to share some photos after the event takes place. On Thursday my younger sisters had their spring harp recital, and I have to admit that now I desperately want to take lessons in the fall. We will see if that actually happens. 😉 My friend Brynna’s birthday was this week, and we celebrated with lots of tea and movies. We also made a trip to our favorite local coffee shop. If you are ever in West Little Rock definitely make a stop by Café Brunelle! In other random news, I was out shopping at Homegoods yesterday and found coffee mugs to match my new tea set! I retrained myself and only got one, since I really don’t think I have space in my life for too many more coffee mugs.

Some links to take you through Monday:

-My sister has a dairy allergy, so this week she and I made vegan mac & cheese! This recipe was quite tasty!

– I really loved Mandy’s post on organic blog growth, and highly recommend it for any other bloggers in need of some encouraging words.

– How pretty is this dress from J. Crew?! That price tag not so much, though. 😉

-I love vlogs, and Lily’s latest was just too sweet.

-Claire’s recent video on photography for blogging and Instagram was so fun to watch, and chock-full of great advice!

Thank you guys for reading this week– I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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