The Weekender // No. 12

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I was so glad to see the weekend come this week– yay for rest and recuperation from the work week! Life keeps humming along in all its busyness, and I’m savoring moments of quiet rest. The temperature dropped a few days ago, and we had some wonderfully chilly drizzly days. Today I made a stop by Whole Foods and found this Film Noir edition of LIFE. I’ll be spending my evening perusing it’s pages with a cup of tea, and I’m hoping to find some great recommendations for my watch list.

Outfit posts will be making a return to the blog this next week in full force, and I can’t wait to share these looks with you! My capsule wardrobe is really inspiring me, and I have so many ideas for new outfits!

Some links for your weekend

-Everlane’s cashmere collection is just beautiful. I’m particularly drawn to the pink shades.

-I’ve recently discovered Audrey’s blog and YouTube channel and I just adore her style! Her videos in particular are so polished and a joy to watch.

-Did you catch the trailer for Jackie? Natalie Portman looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see this film in December!

-My friend Bethany recently started an beautiful recipe blog called A Grain of Salt and her dishes look absolutely amazing!

-I’ve been loving Lee’s fall 10X10 wardrobe series over on Style Bee. It’s so fun to see how she puts outfits together.

Posts to catch up on: Fall Essentials, Go-to Fall Makeup, Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Thanks so much for reading this week friends!

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